Water from Animals

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When your water situation is dire, it is possible to obtain life saving fluids from animals.

All animals eyeballs contain water which can be obtained through piercing it and squeezing out the liquid or by simply removing and eating it raw. Cooking the eyeball will remove any precious fluid contained in it so best consumed fresh and raw.
Fresh, drinkable water can also be found along the spine of any fish. To access it, gut the fish, lay it flat then remove the spine to reveal the water. (naturally large fish will yield the most water but be careful not to suck up the fish juices, if dehydration is a concern, as these are protein rich and will require additional fluid for your body to digest.)
This method could be the difference between life and death if lost at sea where supplies of fresh water are difficult to maintain.

Several liters of drinkable water can be found in the rumen of a camel and additional water can be obtained by squeezing it out the undigested stomach contents of the camel.

During drought in north-western Australia, local tribesmen dig for frogs that burrow in dry clay pans to stay cool. The frogs have a survival mechanism where they store water in their bodies. This water can be squeezed out and drank.

none of these techniques will be tasty but they will increase your chances of survival

Before killing any animal for survival careful consideration needs to be paid to whether it is absolutely essential to your survival. Animals should always be treated with the utmost respect. If killing an animal for survival, the survivor should make every effort to use all parts of the animal thus ensuring that none of the animal is wasted.

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