Make Fire Using a Mobile Phone Battery

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If you have a mobile (cell) phone and it is no longer useful to potentially “call” your way out of trouble, it can be useful for a number of things in a survival situation, including lighting a fire.

By removing the battery and prying off the terminal end, a knife or other metal object can be used to create sparks by holding it across the terminals. In addition to this, if your battery is Lithium (most modern phone batteries), pierce the battery with a knife or other sharp object, the chemical reaction caused when the lithium seeps out and reacts with oxygen will create heat and sparks to which tinder can be applied and a fire started. Be cautious here though as it creates quite a reaction.

Remember that a working mobile phone could be your answer to getting out of your situation but if your phone is broken or has been destroyed by water, using its battery to start fire may be the best way to put it to use.

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