Irian Jaya Friction Method

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This method has been used by the mountain tribes of Irian Jaya for centuries and is still widely used today.

Taking a piece of dry Rattan Vine and passing it under a piece of very dry, medium to soft composition, branch; about 2 inches (6cm) thick to form a base. Placing the base on a bed of very dry, fine tinder and pinning each end down with your feet, pull tight on each end of the rattan vine while pulling each end up and down in a sawing motion until a plume of smoke begins to rise. At this point the base is starting to get hot enough to drop an ember into the tinder bundle. Continue with a steady pace until you are sure that an ember has dropped. Once you are at this point, gently remove the base and vine, pick up the tinder bundle, gently encase the ember and blow gently into it until you see flame.

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