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Survival Facts

Facts about the cold

The body loses heat 25 times faster in water than it does in air

The human body temperature normally stays within a range of about 97.52° – 98.96°F or 36.4° – 37.2°C
If it falls just 2° below that hypothermia will start to set in.

The body loses heat much faster through the ground than it does to the air so there is an old saying that when sleeping on the ground, a blanket underneath is worth two on top.

Snow is a good insulator. It is filled with loads of tiny air bubbles which trap your body heat.

Food, Water & Nutrition Facts

You can live 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water

Your body burns twice as many calories when you are freezing cold and wet

Insects and bugs contain more protein then Beef, Fish or Chicken and are an excellent survival food

Seawater has a higher boiling point than Fresh water so it takes slightly longer to boil.

The boiling point of water lowers, the higher you get above sea level. This means that it takes less time and less energy to boil water at altitude. Cooking food by boiling though will take longer as water boiling at altitude is not as hot as water boiling at sea level.

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