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The survival tips and techniques described within this site are intended to be used only when in dire circumstances where the safety and well being of individuals is at risk; Therefore, neither the authors including contributors, of any of the articles, stories or tips on this site, nor the publisher of this site can accept responsibility for any prosecutions brought or instituted against any person or body as a result of the use or misuse of any tips or techniques described or any loss, injury or damage caused thereby.

Whist using, or preparing to use, any of the tips and techniques described within this site to learn and/or practice survival skills and bushcraft, the rights of landowners and all laws which protect species of fauna and flora (animals and plants), dangerous goods, firearms and other weapons (whether manufactured or improvised) and controlling the use of flammables, chemicals, firearms & other weapons must always be regarded as paramount.

In order to avoid unnecessary damage to the environment or cruelty to animals, survivor-magazine recommends against picking or cutting wild plants and trees or the trapping and/or killing of wild animals unless faced with a real survival situation; in which his or her judgment and discretion should be applied.

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