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Wilderness Survival

Every year, millions of people venture into the great outdoors in search of adventure, on holidays or just to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Why wouldn’t you? It’s AWESOME!

The sad reality is though, that every year, thousands of people find themselves thrust into unexpected situations which they have no choice, but, to deal with if they want to make it home in one piece. There are stories of regular people who are faced with irregular situations in the outdoors, almost every time you watch the news. Most make it out OK, but some are not so lucky. The difference between life and death is often the way in which you cope in a survival situation, how well you can adapt to your surroundings, being creative and utilizing what is available to you.

When dire situations present themselves to you, they almost always unfold right under your nose and before you are aware of what’s happening, you are well and truly immersed in them.

This section describes techniques that can help you survive in the wild. Whilst the Climate and Terrain category covers specific techniques to help you survive in specific climate regions, this section includes techniques which you will find handy almost anywhere in the world.

Climate Zone Coverage

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